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If your question is not answered on this page, you may email Lois Burk or call 817-764-3025. If your question is answered on this page, your email or phone message will not be returned.

1) "How do I order product?"
You can order product(s) online at or you can send a check, money order, or cashiers check along with an order form to EX Ministries, P. O. Box 24870, Fort Worth, Texas 761244. At the present time, we DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE ORDERS. Please do not send cash or foreign currency.

2) "Do you offer bulk/wholesale rates?"
NO. Because of our price reductions we are no longer offering bulk rates. You may however purchase an unlimited amount of bundles to save on large bulk ordering.[/toggle]

3) "How much is shipping and handling?"
Shipping and handling is included in the donation amounts.

4) "How long will it take for me to receive my order?"
Your order, when received online via Paypal,, is generally processed within 2 days. It is then shipped first class mail (within the United States) and takes 3 – 5 days. Therefore, we ask that you allow 7 – 10 business days from the day your order was placed. If your order was placed by mail, please allow 7 – 10 business days.

5) "How can I track my package?"
If your order was placed online, upon completion of your processed order you will receive an email from Pay Pal with your delivery confirmation and tracking number. Please check your email before contacting us. You can access this information by going online to, or by calling 1-800-222-1811.

6) "How can I order product if I do not want to order online?"
See answer to question 2.

7) "Can I place an order by phone?"

8) "What if I am shipped the wrong order?"
Return all unopened product(s) in original packaging, along with a copy of the packaging receipt and a note stating reason of return. Please include your current address and a daytime phone number. Send first class mail to

    EX Ministries
    P.O. Box 24870
    Ft. Worth, Texas 76124

We will reimburse shipping fees if stated in the enclosed note.

9) "Do you offer refunds?"
We only grant refunds on unopened product(s). Please see ‘Refund Policy” on the Products page of our website more details.

10)"What do I do if I have not received my product(s) or order?"
Review question 6. If this does not apply to your situation or this has been done, email us. PLEASE include in email all information such as exact date when order was placed, exact name order was placed in, Paypal transaction identification or Paypal receipt identification number, etc. This will help us expedite search process.

11) "Do you offer overnight shipping?"
At the present time, we DO NOT OFFER express or overnight shipping.

12) "Can I order C.O.D or use my courier account for shipments?"
Orders placed without payment WILL NOT be processed until payment is received. We currently do not use courier options. Our shipments are processed via USPS ONLY.

13) "Do you offer pre-shipments with deferred payment?"
Not at this time..

14) "Does any other retail outlets, bookstores or church facility offer your products?"
EX Ministries products are currently available exclusively through You can refer to question 2 for details on how to order product.

15) "Are there any other DVD’s, CD’s, books or teaching aids available for purchase other than what is shown on the products page of your website?"
All products offered by EX Ministries and Eld. G. Craige Lewis are listed on our website. If it is not listed, it is not being offered at the present time or we do not offer that product. All upcoming products will be presented on our website prior to its release date. Please check the main page of our website regularly for new products and upcoming events.

16) "How can we book Eld. Lewis for a speaking engagement at our church or event?"
First, check our engagements page on our website to make sure the date you are requesting is available. Then, you may submit the contact information to our booking manager, Aaron Lewis from our contact page. Also, you may call our office at 817-764-3025.

17) "Can we talk to Eld. G. Craige Lewis directly?"
Eld. G. Craige Lewis is not available for phone conversations or emails due to the fact that the demand on the ministry is too great for him to respond to inquiries submitted by the general public.

18) "When will Eld. Lewis and EX Ministries be in our area?"
All engagements are posted <a href="http://">HERE</a> on our website. These dates are subject to change. Therefore, you may want to check the list periodically.

19) "Can I place an order with MY credit card but have the package shipped to a family member or friend at another location?"
You can place an order in your name and using your form of payment and have it shipped to another individual.

20) "How can I make a donation to EX Ministries?"
Donations to EX Ministries can come in many forms. One way is to get the word out to others who will benefit from the message(s) God has given Eld. Lewis. Refer others to our website. Purchase products. Or maybe give a financial gift. All financial gifts should be either check or money order and sent to:

    EX Ministries
    P.O. Box 24870
    Ft Worth, TX 76124

Any way that you Support This Ministry will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! NOTE: Bootlegging (making copies) of our products does not help us. It is actually stealing and is a federal offense.

21) "Do you ship to FPO and APO?"
We do ship to all armed forces, whether in the United States or abroad. The shipping and handling for overseas packages to FPO/APO destinations will be the same fee as described in question 4.

22) "Do you ship overseas (other countries outside the USA)?"
EX Ministries does ship overseas. All shipping cost are as described in question 4. HOWEVER, the time of receipt of your package may vary. This information is given in the next question.
23)"How long does it take to receive a package overseas?"
Packages sent to overseas destinations will arrive in 2 – 4 weeks via airmail of the postal service in your area.

24) "Will EX Ministries pay any customs fee?"

25) "When EX Ministries is ministering in our area, will all the products on your website be available for purchase?"
When EX Ministries is in your area or any area, all DVD’s will be available for purchase for the same price as on our website, minus the shipping and handling. All other CD’s must be purchased from the products page of our website.

26) "Can I pre-order your new products?"
Can I pre-order your new products?

No preorders are taken. You must wait until products are available for shipping to purchase. NOTE: All money sent in for pre orders will be considered a donation and products will not be sent when available.

27) "Refund Policy"
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds, however we do offer the following refund exception:

    ***If the product(s) you have purchased is UNOPENED and you wish to return (within 30 days), you will receive a refund by mail or via Paypal. Send unopened product(s), packaging receipt, and a note stating reason of return to EX Ministries, P. O. Box 24870, Fort Worth, Texas 761244. NOTE: We will not refund shipping and handling fees. Price of product(s) purchases, ONLY.

28) "Return Policy"
If you receive your package and it has been damaged by the postal service, you can return it, along with the original letter from post office, packaging receipt and a letter of reason for return (include name, shipping address and daytime phone number). Send it to the address below.

If you have received your order and it is NOT what you ordered, return all unopened product(s) in original packaging, along with a copy of the packaging receipt and a note stating reason of return. Also, include your current address and a daytime phone number. Send it to address below. We will reimburse shipping fees if stated in the enclosed note.

If you have tried all instructions listed on our Tech Support page, located on our website, and your DVD or CD is still not working, you can return it for a “One Time” replacement copy. Please send the damaged product, copy of packaging receipt and a note stating reason for return (include name, shipping address and daytime phone number). Send it to address below. NOTE: Refund will not be granted on opened products.

If you ordered the wrong product and wish to exchange it. You may return all unopened product to the address below, include name, shipping address and day time phone number and a note explaining the reason for the exchange. Please include an additional $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

Ship all returns and exchanges first class mail to this address:
    EX Ministries
    P. O. Box 24870
    Fort Worth, Texas 76124

 29) "My CD / DVD Won't Play?"
If you are having difficulties with the DVD you have purchased, please follow these instructions prior to returning products or contacting our office.

    Please handle DVD’s or CD’s with the utmost care. They are VERY delicate and are easily scratched.
    Before placing DVD’s or CD’s in player, please check for fingerprints or smudges. These matters will cause DVD ‘s or CD’s to skip or sound will be muffled.
    Clean DVD’s or CD’s with soft, clean materials not paper towels or any other abrasive materials.
    Test DVD or CD on a different player to see if you get the same results. DVDs or CDs tend to play on DVD player “A” but not on DVD player “B”. This is the case with most DVD or CD players and compu

30) NOTE:
Our DVD’s are manufactured by one of the nation’s most reputable DVD and CD distributors. This same company is a distributor to most major stores and record company distribution centers in America. We do not process our DVD’s, therefore, they come directly from the manufacturer, sealed and wrapped, sent to EX Ministries and then shipped to you, our valued customer. We take pride in our work as well as the manufacturer that serves us.